“I was so honored to work with the incredibly strong, honest & great visionary director Jenn Page [on the feature film Playing with Beethoven.]”

Shannon Elizabeth, Actor

“Jenn is a great collaborator, which makes her a great director, someone with whom you always look forward to working. She has such a passion for filmmaking, and she is very generous in the process. She is open to everyone’s input and is welcoming of the creative voices of her colleagues.”

Joseph Carrillo, Composer

“Jenn is an incredible talent who has shown the ability to bring so much more humor and life to the things I’ve written than anybody else I’ve worked with. She’s always been adept at creating beautiful worlds and images to support that humor as well.”

Garrett Hargrove, Screenwriter

“Jenn is literally the best director I have ever seen working. She knows exactly what to say and how to deliver.”

Johnathan Sessoms, Production Sound

“Jenn puts so much passion into a project. You can tell she wants to get it right. She is wonderful with directing actors. She surrounds herself with equally amazing people, all professional and passionate as she is.”

Danielle Lescure, Actor

“Jenn Page is a wonderful collaborator: sensitive, supportive, dedicated and professional, with a generous heart and a fertile imagination.”

Ethan Kanfer, Screenwriter/Playwright

“Jenn Page has a unique combination of warmth, style, and wit that is sorely lacking in most new film directors nowadays. She knows how to tell an engrossing human story on film.”

Stephen Simon, Producer

“Jenn is a delight to work with! I love her positive spirit even in the middle of sheer madness. I was immediately confident in her abilities and her genuine care for actors.”

Vincent Irizarry, Actor

“Jenn knows how to connect with her actors and the material. She is able to communicate with her crew without sounding condescending or pushy. She has a great eye for framing a shot and I honestly enjoy creating magic with her.”

David Hoffman, IATSE Key Grip

“I’ve worked with many directors on a variety of shows and Jenn’s work stands out. Even on a tight schedule, she worked the moments to help us all get to the place we needed to go emotionally, to make the film that much better.”

Kadeem Hardison, Actor

“Jenn comes with no drama, no ego, no pretense, only determination to give her best. She is intune to what an actor is feeling and knows how to re-direct for our best performance.”

Terri Simmons, Actor

“The director, Jenn Page, knocks it out of the park with how she tells this warm and touching story. In one unforgettable scene Jessica is making a video and says that her doctor told her that her cancer is a level 3, which is the highest. “I’m an overachiever” she jokes, and then she cries. We are more than glad to award this terrific movie our highest rating.”

Review of “Jessica’s Journey” (Feature Film)

“As a director she knows exactly what she wants but always takes the time to ask you your opinion. The things that Jenn can pull off in a short amount of time never ceases to amaze me.”

Lex Benedict, Editor

“I was impressed with Jenn’s passion for any project she directs. She has a formidable, creative, and problem solving mentality and a great attitude. She inspires you to do your best.”

Patrick Gorman, AMPAS